I always seize upon any opportunity to create something that makes me laugh while fulfilling the client's objective. Sometimes that means 'make a sausage monster' and sometimes it means riding the line between flat + computer-y and sketchy hand-renderings. 

Pink Slime + The Meatbelles

Garbage Breakfast

Starchy Heroes to the rescue!


If you don't think email is cool, you need to look closer! I was part of the team that created this kick-ass email adventure for Taco Bell to launch their breakfast menu. Led by Art Director Tatiana Mac and Senior Developer Heidi Olsen, I made meatball monsters, junkfood clowns, pancake rats, and QSR breakfast power-ups, most of which made it in to the raddest fake 8-bit email ever! Experience it here.


Deliverability kitty

Warming up your IP

Learn your acronyms


As Blog Team Captain at eROI, I designed and illustrated plenty of wordpress entries. The subject matter could be pretty dry ("Migrating ESPs in 6 Easy Steps", anyone?).  To add levity and interest for myself and the reader, I would do things like use kitties to explain the fascinating world of email deliverability. Who isn't entertained by a cone of shame on a sweet injured companion?


Sketch out the idea

Play and iterate

Mock it up


I believe that it's important for your work to reflect your true self! This illustration really shows where I am in the world. I love to doodle and twist around letters and all their swoops and notches. I love to tweak and explore all the possibilities. I love a positive message and a rainbow gradient. Although this shirt was never made, I still believe it is true.